Harvesting Black Walnuts

We are learning much about this land.  Philip and I are harvesting black walnuts from walnuttwo of our biggest trees near our house.   They fell early- it is suggested


that we harvest them only after the frost- so these might not be the best nuts!  We have a maple syrup bucket full of nuts that have fallen from the tree, so we decided to harvest them before they start to mould.   Note: if you are harvesting these walnuts, you need really good gloves!  They stain your hands.  The dye from the husks is very strong.  I am in the process of trying to use the dye.

If you have these trees close to you, or on your land, if you husk them, you can keep the exterior pulp as a dye . Make sure you don’t throw away any of the husks close to a garden, the husks inhibit growth and should be treated like a plant killer.   You can’t grow many plants under a walnut tree.  That being said, walnut trees are an investment in the future- they make beautiful wood, and can live up to two hundred years.philip and walnut